Attic Conversions


Attic Conversions

New Age Construction know that Attic Loft conversion projects are a stylish way of adding more space to your home. While complex, even a basic loft conversion can open up a lot more internal loft space and provide you with versatile, habitable rooms for you and your family.

Our loft conversion services are some of the best in Dublin, and our past experience with hundreds of individual customers has allowed us to refine our craft.

But what kind of conversion options are available, and what would work best for your own home?

If you’re unsure of what to look for or don’t know anything about loft conversion, then this breakdown of different options and benefits can help you decide which of our services are right for your home and lifestyle.

Dormer Loft Conversions

A Dormer conversion is one of the more common types of loft conversion and is mostly used on semi-detached or terraced houses. These conversions extend the roof upwards to create more headspace, changing quite a lot about the size and shape of your roof in the process.

Flat Roof Dormer

A flat roof conversion is the simplest way of adding more loft space. It adds a new ‘room’ onto the existing roof structure, effectively giving you a new part of the house to enjoy. This flat roof is very practical and creates a lot of space, making it a great choice for many homes.

Pitched Roof Dormer

A pitched roof conversion gives you less space but can look more appealing and may fit in with the aesthetic of the house better. The sloping roof can also help when dealing with a lot of rain or snow, but the biggest differences are purely in how much roof you get.

Dormer Window Additions

As a good example of an ‘average’ loft conversion, dormer designs are some of the easiest to install windows in. We can make sure that you get the exact window options you want for your new loft expansion and even match the style of window to keep them consistent with the rest of your home.

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